How To Board An Anxious Dog

For us humans, going out of town can be an exciting thing to look forward to, but this change in routine can take it toll on our dogs. And for anxious dogs, this can be doubly worse!

But hey! There is always a fix to a problem. By researching the right kind of accommodations, a little bit of pre-trip planning and training, ordering all your dog’s supplies in advance and creating a detailed care plan, you can enjoy your holiday travels knowing that your doggo is in good care.

What kind of boarding is best for an anxious dog?

Specially for anxious dogs, we recommend boarding them at the home of qualified and trusted sitter. Fun new friends and a change of scenery can keep them engaged, busy and distracted. Does your dog get along with other dogs? In that case, choosing a sitter who has dogs of their own, or boards two or three dogs at a time, may help. Your dog will have playmates, and will keep busy with their new social circles and probably even have too much fun to realize you’re gone!

Physical exercise is one of the most important treatments for anxiety! While you’re out of town, your dog’s routine doesn’t have to be. Make sure that you choose a sitter who can stick to your dog’s physical activities routine as much as possible.

IMP: Preparing your dog for the change in routine is highly recommended.

Last but not the least, try and control your own anxiety about leaving your dog at a boarding. Dogs pick up on such signals and nervous energy and can amplify their own anxiety. Help your dog stay calm by remaining calm yourself.

What to pack for your nervous dog?

Here’s a list of things you can pack for your anxious or nervous dog –

  1. Your dog’s food along with their feeding instructions
  2. Medications if any along with their through instructions on how to administer them
  3. Vet and emergency contact information
  4. Their favourite toys
  5. Their favourite bed or blanket
  6. A comfort item that smells like you. An old shirt or any clothing item can do wonders!

The more prepared you are, the better it is for your dog and you. You’ll travel with peace of mind and come home to a happy dog 🙂

WagStays Dog Boarding

WagStays Dog Boarding


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