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8 Signs Your Dog Isn’t Getting Enough Physical Activity

Depending on the breed, age and size of your dog, they need various levels of physical activity and exercise. Not getting enough can cause a lot of frustration for your dog and more importantly, can lead to bad mental health for them. Here’s what you can do –

All dogs need regular exercise to keep them happy and healthy. 

Some of the signs that your dog is not getting enough exercise are:

  1. Rough play
  2. Destructive behavior
  3. Weight gain
  4. Pestering, whining or other annoying behavior
  5. Pulling at leash
  6. Restlessness
  7. Sluggishness or depression
  8. Excess barking

1. Rough Play


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Some dogs may like more rumble-tumble than others, but if they are constantly engaging in rough play and seems to be lacking self control, it could be a sign of pent up energy. Structured and regular exercise can be very helpful in releasing this extra energy. Go for a bike ride. Or even a swim if you have the facility.


2. Destructive Behaviour

Did you come home to something like this? Destructive behaviour is one of the primary signs of a bored or an anxious dog. And one of the best solutions – exercise!


3. Weight Gain


Just like humans, dogs too gain weight when they have more energy than they are spending. Or as my girlfriend explains – when you eat too much and don’t exercise enough. This happens more commonly in senior dogs as they naturally tend to slow down as their metabolism isn’t as rapid as it used to be.

However, weight gain can also be due to certain illnesses and disorders. Always consult your vet if you see a sudden change in their weight. 


4. Pestering/Whining & Other Annoying Behavior

Pestering or other unwanted behaviour is one of the clearest signs of your dog needing more exercise and playtime. A tired dog, is a calm dog, is a good boy.


5. Pulling At Leash


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Sometimes, leash pulling can just be about excessive energy pent up in your dog. Try tiring your dog out by playing a game of tug or fetch or whatever their favourite game is. Even better if you do this before going for their walk.


6. Restlessness


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A restless dog is easy to identify. They are the ones who have trouble sleeping at night. Or keep pacing the room frequently. Restlessness is a sign of excessive energy. So tire them out and give them a good sleep by taking them out for a run or cycling with them.

7. Sluggishness Or Depression

Less exercise means a less happy dog. A less happy dog means a low mental health. This could lead to depression in dogs. And yes, it’s very much real.

If your dog suddenly loses interest in playing, it could be signs of other illnesses as well. Do consult your vet for professional advice


8. Excess Barking

Barking, just like destructive behaviour, can be a sign of boredom in your dog. It’s their way of telling you to take them out for a jog or a run.

If you feel like it, consult your vet before you begin with the exercise routine for your dog. And remember, physical activity is not just important for dog’s health, but it’s also a way for you both to bond.

Happy play times!! 🙂

WagStays Dog Boarding

WagStays Dog Boarding


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